Sweet Paratha Recipe

Ingredients for Sweet Paratha :   

2 cups Tuvar dal
1 cup Gudh (Jaggery)
oil for frying
2 cups Whole wheat flour (Aata)
water for kneading


How to make Sweet Paratha :

  • Boil Dal in sufficient amount of water. Drain water and mix jaggery in dal. Blend it to a smooth paste.
  • Combine Wheat flour, Dal-Jaggery Paste and 2 table-spoon oil and knead them with water to a medium soft dough.
  • Now, take a small dough and roll it into a small chapati. Spread a bit of ghee on the surface of the chapati. Gather all the edges of the chapati to a round peda. Now, roll out the peda into suitable size paratha in such a way that it should not get broken from anywhere.
  • On a preheated griddle or tawa, roast Sweet paratha from both sides by turning it many times and spreading oil on its surface. Roast it on medium heat till both the sides gets brown patches and the paratha gets properly cooked from inside.
  • Take it off from the griddle, grease Sweet paratha with ghee or butter and serve hot.