Cauliflower (Gobi) Pakoda Recipe

Cauliflower Pakoda is an awesome evening snack. Gobi ka Pakora tastes nice with green chilly chutney & mithi tamarind (imli) chutney. Everyone should try this dish.

Ingredients for Gobi ke Pakode :

1/2 kg Gobhi (Cauliflower)
1/2 kg Gram Flour (besan)
2-3 medium size Onions, chopped
2 table-spoon Garlic paste (Lasun)
1 table-spoon Ginger paste (Adrak)
5-6 Green Chillies, chopped
2 table-spoon coriander powder (pisa dhaniya)
1 t-spoon red chilly powder (lal mirch)
1 t-spoon garam masala
1 t-spoon amchur
Oil to deep fry Pakodas
1 t-spoon salt or to taste


How to make Cauliflower Pakoda :

  • Remove the florets of gobi, dip them in hot water then spread them on a plate for some time so the water gets removed.
  • Now, sprinkle 1/2 t-spoon red chilli powder, 1/4 t-spoon amchur, 1/2 t-spoon salt on Cauliflower florets. Mix them well & keep aside.
  • Now take a large bowl and add besan, chopped onions, green chillies, ginger-garlic paste, remaining red chilli powder & amchur, coriander powder, garam masala and salt. Mix them well by adding water in little quantity. Make a batter of medium consistency.
  • Put oil in a kadhai or frying pan for deep frying Pakora. Coat the mixture on the gobi pieces & put these pieces in the oil one by one (oil should be too hot).
  • Turn the flame to low. Fry till they turns golden all over. Fry the remaining florets in the same way.
  • Now, take all the gobi pakodas out from the frying pan while they are half cooked. Press all the fried pakode with a potato smasher or large spoon to make them slightly flat.
  • Add these pressed pakora again in hot oil. Fry till they get red and crispy.
  • Serve hot pakoras with green chilli chutney & mithi tamarind (imli) chutney.