About Indian Food Dishes

Indian Food comprises of wide variety of New Dishes, from Indian Curry to Rice and from vegetarian recipes to all kind of desserts with snacks and breakfast recipes complements them. The use of wide variety of Spices (Masalas) in every Indian dish makes it one of the unique Cuisine of the World. Indian cooking gets its variety from the regional food like in South India, North Indian and In each region you can find their own complete Menu of Vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. Indian cuisine has also included food like Cake and starters from other countries and modified them in their own way.


paneer recipesPaneer Recipes

Indian Food starts with a wide variety of Paneer Dishes like Butter Paneer Masala, Paneer Handi, Paneer Akbari, Paneer Curry, Chilli Paneer and many more.


Chutney Recipes

Indian Food has wide variety of Chutneys which complements all Indian Dishes specially South Indian.


Gobi Paratha

Paratha Recipes

Paratha, an Indian Style wheat chapati, stuffed with different varities of vegetables like Aloo Paratha, Paneer Paratha and more.


How to make Indian food ?

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Indian food comprises of complete range of dishes from chapati, rice to vegetables curry to salads, papads, raitas and even more with Kheer or any other sweet dish served as a dessert. Indian food is one of the world's largest cuisine. The list of recipes of food is uncountable. But, has tried to lists all kind of recipes of Indian food. All the recipes given in the site are authentic and Mrs.Susmita Chawla has given her best to each recipe.